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IOS Vs Android: Which Platform Should You Build For First?

It will not be wrong if we say this is the era of smartphones. Nowadays mobile applications are playing a major role in every area, as they are ruling the tech world.

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There are 2 billion active mobile users who use smartphones daily, and this market can’t be ignored. In case you still don't have a mobile app, then it's high time to get one for your business.


It is a very crucial decision to build a mobile app.  If we talk about the operating systems then how can we forget about iOS and Android? Now the question that arises is which mobile applications one should go with? or, perhaps both?


Launching at both the platforms at the same time makes trouble as well as it will cost a high price. So, the developers mostly choose to launch one mobile app first until and unless it gets fully established and successful in the market. And later on the second one on the other platform.


Various factors will influence the decision such as the high-end features, a goal to generate revenue out of your idea., which audience to target, deadlines of the projects, and budget.


Let's start with summing up the iOS Vs Android development debates.


Both of the platforms have a wide field and provide various benefits but  before commencing your product goals a lot of research is required so, that it’s very easy to understand the  operating system of both the applications.


How do you decide whether to launch your app on Android or iOS first?


We have mentioned four of the keys which will help you to decide which is the right choice for your product Android or iOS.


1. Target Audience


When it comes to global market share, the research says android devices have won the race. Eventually, Apple has also dominated the app store. The geographic, as well as the demographic area of the audience, affect a lot while deciding which platform to launch first.


In case if you are targeting the audience at a global rate then android will best suit here. In case if you are targeting Western Europe or North America or an eCommerce or a brand app then Apple will be the best decision you will ever make. Android is for the up-and-coming markets. When it comes to affluence and young audiences in the region of North America, Western Europe, and Australia the iOS is best.


2. Monetization


Monetization is very necessary when it comes to choosing which platform you have to develop first. If we talk about the revenue, then iOS apps are best to make more money.


It's a well-known fact that Apple has fewer users which leads to fewer app downloads compared to Android but when it comes to generating the revenue then it comes first in the list. When it comes to the monetization part the Apple store has a more lucrative form whereas the android app is based on ad models.


3. Timeline of the project


Timeline plays an important role, it completely depends upon you when your app is going to launch in the market. And which of the apps you are going to launch first.  The Android app generally takes a long time because of time taking cycles as well as fragmentation.


But when it comes to Apple it has all its hardware as well as the software and fewer iOS devices compared to Android.


4.Budget Friendly


It completely depends upon the user's selection of the project that either he or she is taking the simple one or a complicated one. If the project is big then it requires a lot of resources and going to cost high. It depends on the project and how much time it is going to take for completion.



Final Words


Now, it's time to make a decision which one either iOS or Android first is going to work for your business. So, the answer is very simple: target your audience accordingly. For eg. For people in North America, the people who have a higher income than going with iOS first will be the best choice.


When you are thinking about a vast global market then Android will best suit you. The monetization for this can be done with the help of advertising.

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